MediaLive 2013: Co-Curator

brings together artists who explore forms of live audiovisual performance. This four-day festival presents a variety of approaches, discusses the technology and underlying theoretical, formal and conceptual considerations, and offers opportunities to explore live media tools first-hand.

The very notion of what it means for a work to be live, the interplay between modes of perception such as sight and sound, and the entanglement of human interaction with technology all come into focus as artists investigate the elasticity of form and content, bridging the analog and digital realms.

Visiting Artists

Brian Kane (Boston)
Miwa Matreyek (Los Angeles)
Jon Satrom (Chicago)
Steven Scott and the Bowed Piano Ensemble (Colo. Springs)
Phillip Stearns (New York)
Tiffany Trenda (Los Angeles)
Tim Weaver (Denver)
Holly Willis (Santa Barbara)
offthesky (Denver)

Plus emerging artists from the region's art programs.
Photo credit: Miwa Matrayek, Myth and Infrastructure, solo performance, 2010.
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