coinOp(); - Center for Visual Art, Denver

coinOp(); is a method for engagement with notions of "play", non-teleological gaming structures, and improvisational collaboration. This interactive "instrument" is built into a heavily modified vintage Galaga game console. Inserting a coin allows 2 participants to "play" audio and video, expressively manipulating the individual components of the AV mix. The audio mix is monitored via 2 sets of headphones, and the resulting video mix is projected from the interior of the console onto a large wall surface behind the console. Mixing controls appear on the console's built-in screen The idea was to explore the interplay between modes of database and narrative, by engaging players with collections, tools, time, and a personal investment in the process.

coinOp(); was installed at the Center for Visual Art in Denver, Colorado from May 9th to May 15th, 2008.

An extended description/statement is available here. More photos here.